How to Pack Couches & Furniture for an Interstate Move

One of the most challenging parts of moving and self-storage is packing up your furniture. Furniture is not only heavy and can easily cause damage to your home, but it also can be pretty awkward to move. Also, it’s common for furniture legs to break and holes being created in the walls of your home due to moving it around. This is why it’s important to pack your furniture for your next move efficiently properly. Here are a few tips to get you started.

Couches and Chairs

Unfortunately, houses don’t make it easy to move furniture in an out of. Right corners and fragile floors make it hard to move around furniture without causing too much damage. However, by properly preparing your couches and chair for moving can help make the process a lot easier:

  • This moving company DC area instructs customers to remove legs from couches, chairs, and love seats to make getting around tight corners easier and prevent causing damage to the walls of your home.
  • Remove cushions to reduce the amount of weight you need to move around. They may not seem heavy now, but when you consider the weight of the couch, it all adds up.
  • Disassemble your furniture to make it easier to remove from your home. Once it’s broken into individual pieces, it’s easier to carry out of your home and into a moving truck.
  • Wrap up your furniture in shrink wrap to protect it during the move. All it takes is one nail out of place to rip the fabric, ruining your furniture.

Dressers and Other Bedroom Furniture

Although the large, oak dresser may look stunning in your bedroom, it’s going to be a huge pain to move. In fact, even professional movers have a hard time getting some heavy, large bedroom furniture into their moving trucks. However, you can prepare your bedroom furniture to make this process a lot easier to do:

  • Remove the drawers and doors to your bedroom furniture since they can add weight. However, this will also make it easier to move as well.
  • Next, you’re going to want to collect and separately box the items in your furniture, such as clothes, to reduce the weight even more.
  • Remove any mirrors to furniture in your bedroom. This will help prevent any damage to it in the moving process.

Coffee Tables, Nightstands and More

Although you don’t need to do nearly as much prep work with your coffee tables, nightstands, etc., it’s still important to cover them to prevent damage to your home and the furniture itself:

  • Wrap the corners of your furniture with either towels or soft rags to prevent damage when moving it.
  • Rockville long distance movers say you should use moving blankets to wrap your furniture in to prevent scratching and dirt buildup while it’s being stored in the moving truck.

Preparing Your Mattress

Preparing your mattress for the move may be one of the hardest pieces of furniture to move. It’s important to take your time while prepping your mattress and securely wrap it in a mattress bag to prevent dirt from falling into it. You should consider using plastic wrap to keep it secure, so it doesn’t damage anything in your home and vice versa.

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