Six Ways to Make Your Relocation Cheaper and Easier

Moving is never easy, but fortunately we’re here to make it better! Here are six of our top tips for making your relocation go smoothly:

1. Seek Assistance from Your Employer

If you are relocating because of a new job offer, you can ask your new employer for assistance. Some organizations have funds set aside to help employees that are relocating. Therefore, instead of stressing yourself about moving costs, you should ask your employer if they can help. This strategy enables you to save both time and money.

2. Always Clean-up

When you put things in your moving boxes, you should immediately tidy up space as a way to avoid cleaning costs. It is better to do things this way than to wait until the final day to do all your cleaning. This is because on that day, you may be too tired to tidy up, and as a result, you may hire a cleaning service to do it for you.

Relocation is already expensive as it is; therefore you do not need to pay someone to tidy-up after you. These moving services Orlando suggest that you do the cleaning as you are packing, since you have more energy during that time.

3. Time to Let Go

If you are moving to a new place, it may be time for you to let go. You do not need to hire a huge van to move one couch when you can buy a new one at a lower price once you arrive at your destination. This strategy applies to all items that you may hoard for no good reason. Instead of complicating things, a big yard sale to minimize the transport load. The fewer things you have, the more you save and the easier it is to move.

4. Plan Your Move

You should have a packing timeline which shows the days you will clear out a certain room. For example, you could start packing things in your home office, one week before the actual moving date. Planning helps you avoid last minute rushes. It also puts things in order and makes the moving process convenient. Finally, it helps you save money by minimizing the damage associated with fast packing.

5. Size Matters

Always have a rough estimate of the truck space needed to move your items. You do not want to underestimate since the costs of changing vehicles may be high. Additionally, you do not want to hire an unnecessarily large truck and spend more money on fuel.

6. Know Your Items

You should label all your packing boxes according to the items contained in it. This makes it easier to retrieve certain goods once you arrive at your new home. It also helps you avoid unnecessary spending on household items, especially kitchenware which can be easily misplaced during the moving process. Although you may be tempted to ignore the minor costs and buy a new set of Chinaware, the expenses will eventually add up, and you will realize how costly it is.

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